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June 24, 2017
First Tee Time 9:30 AM


Writen by Joanne Lally June 2002

July, 1983.. .Sharpsville... In this small borough in western Pennsylvania during a family cookout the conversation turned to golf, in general and more specifically to the milestones of the late great Martin “Tino” Lally. Someone said “let’s go play a round for Martin.” So four women and four men and one young caddy hit the links. The women only completed six holes because of rain. (And Martin had always told us it never rained on the golf course - right!) Thus this day in history marked the first annual Martin J. Lally Memorial Golf Outing.

For the past twenty years they have come from far and wide to continue the tradition - to join in the fun or to prove to themselves that there really is some sense to this game Martin loved so much.

Since that day twenty years ago babies have been born, high school and college diplomas have been awarded, marriages have taken place, people have relocated, a few have retired, deaths have saddened us, and most of us have grown older and wiser. That’s a lot of life experiences.”

So its tough not to be sentimental knowing that the original eight golfers and one caddy are still alive, well (except for a few scars and bruises) and determined to master the game and rejoice in the love and fun of family and friends.

But the real question of the day is

“how many of us can truthfully say we are better at the game of golf than we were twentyyears ago?”

For those of you who could not get any worse, don’t be too quick to answer. There may even be a prize for the person who comes closest to his/her score of ten years ago.

Before bringing this commemorative anniversary “newsletter” to a close the writer/editor is going to get a little personal. I have some words for my father...


2016 Individual Results

Mike 44
Terry 45
Chuck 45
Dave 47
Roman 47
Dave D 48
Jan 49
Jeremy 51
Walter 51
Billy 51
Peggy 52
Brain 52
Scott 60
Jack 62
Emory 65


Peggy D

Mike E

2017 Chuck Hunter Award
Charles Hunter

The Committee